Free healthy info on Green Tea

healthygreenteaGreen tea is used commonly in tea parties, and tea ceremonies when in Japan. Also, green tea is a super food extraordinaire. It is harvested from the colder areas especially the mountains and then cultivated for its leaf because it has healing and rehydration properties, as well as detoxification and an anti-oxidant. Moreover, more and more people have been adapting and changing from their normal drinks to green tea. Green tea has 70 percent rehydration quality. So, if you are in a desert and you are very thirsty, you are given three options. One drink is a green tea, the second drink is a soda or soft drink, and the third drink is hot chocolate. If you are going to choose, you only have to choose one. Which is it? If you have chosen the first one, which is the green tea, then you are correct. As mentioned earlier, green tea provides you the necessary rehydration substances, and you will never thirst again when you drink this. Furthermore, there are many benefits in drinking green tea, and these are the following:

1. Green tea prevents cholesterol build up in arteries and prevents heart diseases.

2. Green tea kills certain bacteria on your mouth making you a healthy person in terms of dental health.

3. It also helps slow breast cancer growth as based on a research.

4. Since green tea is providing necessary rehydration, it also protects the skin from Ultra-violet rays from the sun that harms our skin. But since green tea does the protection, then this drink is really highly recommended.

5. Green tea is a fat burning agent and liquid which also prevents obesity and excess fat in your body and speeds up your weight loss by 77 percent.

6. Research also shows that drinking green tea, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps cure and prevent lung cancer and diseases.

7. Another fact is that green tea prevents and stops colorectal cancer.

8. It keeps energy stable by balancing blood sugar levels, and also prevents diabetes.

9. Green tea substance (EGCG) can kill and cure prostate cancer and its cells.

10. It contains a potent antioxidant that kills free radicals—free radicals can make your body age and weak.

11. Lastly, it just tastes good. Well, some might say it is bitter and some may say it has a watery-leaf-like taste, but once you get used drinking it, you just can’t stop due to the taste. Actually, you can drink green tea either iced cold or hot. So depending on your preferences, you can enjoy this green tea the way you like it.

Some people have also used green tea as an ingredient in ice cream and as a new flavour for children to enjoy. Finally, green tea is the best drink when you are in your home while it is raining or when it is cold season. Moreover, green tea is a more powerful drink than those soft drinks and other drinks.