Free facts on Mother Earth should deserve human rights

Today, our modern generation has really expanded and technology has come to an era where it will flourish and also spread throughout the world. But with these advancements, our nature has slowly deteriorated in a fastest rate. Moreover, the causes and impact on nature to us are also very big and it also affects us. We throw garbage, we consume without returning, and we waste without being aware and being knowledgeable. The waste and the garbage we throw anywhere can also contribute to our downfall, that is why we must be careful of the things we do or else we will also be the one who will pay the price. That is why as early as now, we should protect our nature equally as our selves because nature is like a mirror, it reflects on the things on what we have done. United nations have been debating if Mother nature should have human rights. Moreover, in my opinion, Mother Nature is not an existing entity but only more like a way to describe the biodiversity of nature. In addition to that, Mother Nature should be protected together with the human rights.

The plastics and wrappers from the goods we consume can also kill us, not directly but slowly, if this garbage and waste can accumulate, then the risk of having flash floods and diseases are not that far away from we and it is greater. Mother Nature has provided us the needs and our supplies ever since such as the food and shelter we are living and eating today. Being thankful and being grateful was not anymore observed and witnessed. Although there are some who are appreciating the gifts and bounty of nature but the most recommended and suggested to really protect and let anyone follow to preserve nature. Going back on Mother Nature, Mother Nature should have the rights to be protected and preserved since she is the one and our backbone when unexpected situations and events come. Mother Nature has been playing a huge role in our existence and longevity, without her, then life is so much harder and we would easily rot and die without her gifts and bounty. Furthermore, she should have the right to thrive and produce and the right to balance things especially climate, weather, and the seasons. Mostly, people depend on the seasons and weather, especially farmers to bear good crops and fruits. That is why, Mother Nature should be protected to balance these seasons and weather, because without her, everything will go ballistic and it would be an outrage, causing our humanity to break and disappear to nothing.

Floods are caused by the lack of trees, while earthquakes and global warming are caused by the closing of balance on nature and forests. The only thing we should do is protect, preserve, and return what we took from Mother Nature. Lastly, Mother Nature is a good nominee to our human rights but should we be nominating her? The answer lies in our experience and conscience, because without doing anything or if we do nothing, then the apocalypse and destruction of humankind will really happen and will really e our biggest regret ever.